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Introducing the Learning Navigator

The Learning Navigator is a free, online tool that offers personalized pathways to help students reach their learning goals. 

Join our community of students and teachers, and begin transforming teaching and learning experiences today.

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Who Uses the Learning Navigator?

The Learning Navigator is designed for the unique needs of both students and teachers.


Expand your education with access to engaging content, and learn at your own pace while monitoring progress towards your learning goals.

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Blend powerful assessments and analytics with a catalog of free and open learning resources to help meet the needs of your students.

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How does the Learning Navigator Work?

The Learning Navigator seeks to support every student in reaching their learning goals regardless of where they start, the path they take, or the pace at which they move.

Find Curated Content

Teachers search the Learning Navigator’s catalog of educator-curated content to share with students. Students can also search the catalog for content covering topics they want to learn more about.

Track Progress

As students study, they, and their teachers, see real-time data about their effort and performance.

Engage with Learning Resources

Students join a classroom, created by their teacher, to study a variety of resources and lessons that have been tailored for them. They can also bookmark and study topics to support their independent learning experience.

What is Gooru?

Gooru is an educational technology non-profit that is dedicated to improving learning outcomes for all students by making education equally accessible and empowering. Gooru is creating technology that enables educators and researchers to “open-source” effective practices and content to improve learning outcomes for all.